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It's not a matter of concern now because OCR technology has facilitated the users by providing a versatile and efficient image to text converter. Now the question arises what are the specifications of OCR image to text converter which compel a specific user to utilize this software. The simple answers are that it provides an environment which is user friendly to the extent that a beginner can exploit and convert his images within minimum time. Second thing that makes it unique is its efficiency. It can convert a large text image to text format with the blink of eye. Its specifications are not monopoly to a particular file format. Whether your file is having gif, jpg, pdf, bmp, or png format, OCR converter will change it to doc or other editable file within fraction of second. Moreover, it support many other output formats such as HTML, Text, Pdf, Doc, and Text pdf. There may be many converters over internet but you will find some specifications in OCR converter that will make it o

How To Slap Down A Your First Blog

With the raging war between Blogspot and WordPress, giving laurels to any one of them would do injustice to the other. Blogging activities may range from person to person and his technical expertise, but when it comes to customization and pinging, WordPress is a stand out winner. But when judged against Blogspot the latter cannot be side kicked as it is meant for those who just like blogging their content with strings of simplicity attached. Juxtaposing Blogspot and WordPress will help highlight their difference. The foremost difference is with there installation procedure while WordPress requires you to host your own account it involves downloading of setup files which are to be added to your server than creation of a database and running the configuration script. Whereas, in Blogspot one can setup an account in a jiffy and start posting immediately.